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Online Marketing

June 2nd, 2009

online-marketingDuring the last decade, the Internet has entered the majority of houses and offices around the world. It opened many new interesting opportunities for all of us and became the easiest and fastest way to obtain any sort of information. That is why the importance of Internet in marketing and positioning of the goods or services is obvious. Nowadays, online marketing became an integrated part of any marketing campaign or complex marketing strategy, especially for small and developing business.

Principles of marketing and selling online do not differ from traditional approaches; a company must present and offer a particular product or service to its potential customers. The strategy of online marketing may have different directions: to create own web-site and start selling the company’s goods directly to the customers, to place banners with the ads or ad wares embedded into free software, or to use indirect marketing, placing some commentaries or articles, stimulating the interest to the goods, etc.  The effectiveness of online marketing is likely to depend on the very goods or services, which are being promoted. To make a decision about the necessity, prospects and probable efficiency of online marketing, management of the company should study its advantages and disadvantages very precisely.

The main positive effect of online marketing is the opportunity to reach a huge target audience. Online marketing helps to inform tremendous amount of people around the globe about the goods or services and substantially enhance the market of potential customers. Modern Internet technologies in marketing and banking system allow customers to find and to buy goods without leaving their homes, and it advantages online promotion a lot. Besides, creating own web-site and supporting it with necessary services is relatively easy and low cost, especially if to compare with paying for creating of TV visuals, or taking part in prestigious exhibitions, international fairs, etc.